Characterization from the inside out

Instructor:  Ingrid Bilton
Prerequisites: Completion of 
Level 3 of Fundamentals program (or permission of instructor)

14 weeks beginning Sept 12
Tuesdays  3:30 – 5:30p
St. Bart’s Hall, Gibsons
Class Fee: $340

 “I most enjoy the loss of self that can only be achieved through detailed understanding of another life – not by limping and growing a moustache”.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Actors live for that exhilarating moment when the character they are playing “takes over” on stage. Characterization, the ability to embody the thoughts and feelings of another human being, is an art form, well within the grasp of our young drama students. 

In this exciting and engaging course students will study many different approaches to characterization, some well known – like Stanislavsky’s famous “method”.  Others are deliciously fresh, employing gesture, props, costume pieces, photographs, and locations to inform a role. Actors will also learn techniques to sustain character even in the face of on-stage mishaps!  This challenging course is designed for committed drama students.