Instructor:  Gabriel Leonard Ditmars
Recommended Ages: 10 – 14 (or as per Instructor)

14 weeks beginning in September
Sundays 5:45 – 7:15pm
Davis Bay Community Hall
Class Fee: $290

Expand your theatre training and get in touch with the magic of the present moment! Together we are stronger, safer, wiser and more creative.

In this course you will learn to work as an ensemble team, explore the dramatic arts and exercise your authentic storytelling abilities through games and education. With focuses on reading the energy of the room, calming the mind, improvisation, conversation, imagination, creative storytelling, characterizations and some scripted scene work – there will be plenty to learn and so much fun to be had!

This program will heighten the sensitivity and authenticity that is required to take your performances to the next level. A perfect continuation for those who have taken last spring’s Magic In The Moment course, for those who took the Magic of Theatre course prior to that, or for those who are new and eager to jump into something that will excite them and challenge them in a constructive way.