Instructor:  Evan Schulte
Recommended Ages: Teen (15+) and Adults

14 weeks beginning Sept 14th
Thursdays 6:30p – 9:30p
Mission Point House, Davis Bay
Class Fee: $490

Meisner Foundations (Part 1) is a comprehensive program designed to introduce actors to the core principles and techniques of Meisner work. Through a series of exercises and training, participants will learn to embody truthfulness, presence, and emotional depth in their performances. This course is designed to ensure personalized attention and effective learning.

  1. Repetition – Working Truthfully from Moment to Moment
    Participants will start with the foundational “repetition” exercises, fostering truthful reactions and spontaneity in their acting.
  2. Emotional Preparations – Unlocking Emotional Range
    Students will explore personal connections and discover the elements that hold the deepest meaning to them, enabling them to access their full emotional capacities in their performances.
  3. Living in Imaginary Circumstances – Authentic Responses
    Learn how to immerse yourself in imaginary and dramatic situations without “acting,” responding organically to the given circumstances.
  4. Objectives, Stakes, and Confronting Obstacles
  5. Understand the importance of clear objectives, high stakes, and overcoming obstacles to create compelling characters and scenes.