Instructor:  Evan Schulte
Recommended Ages: Teen (15+) and Adults

14 weeks beginning Sept 13th
Wednesdays 6:30p – 9p
Mission Point House, Davis Bay
Class Fee: $395

Participants will work in pairs on a single scene throughout the duration of the course. With a focus on scene understanding, character analysis, and bringing characters to life, this class provides fundamental skills essential for any actor. Each week, students will add layers to their scenes, gradually enhancing their performances.


1. Approaching Scripted Scenes with an Improvisational Mindset
Learn how to infuse scripted scenes with spontaneity and authenticity through the Meisner improvisation approach.

2. Understanding Text and Performance
Delve into the fundamentals of scene analysis, including given circumstances, the moment before, point of view, objectives, beats, relationships, and imbuing the text with meaning.

3. Collaboration and Creativity
Develop effective collaboration skills with scene partners, bringing creativity to blocking, direction, and rehearsal.

At the end participants can showcase their work to friends, family, and the public.