Instructor:  Sandi McGinnis
New students accepted by Instructor interview
January 10 – April 24, 2024
Wednesdays  4pm – 6pm
Granthams Hall
Class Fee: $340

This class aims to prepare participants for presentation in the 2024 Sunshine Coast‘s “50th Anniversary” Festival of the Performing Arts. The SCFPA is open to presenters of any age for professional adjudication. To qualify for consideration by the adjudicator for recommendation of SCFPA Awards or to go to the BC Provincial Arts Festival the presenter must be 11 – 23 years of age and prepare work in each of the three categories (Poetry, Drama and Prose) of the Speech and Dramatic Arts discipline.

The SC Festival offers Awards in Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories.  The presenter must perform two pieces to qualify for these.

This is a 2 Term class. 
Term 1 – September 13th – December 13th, 2023
Term 2 – January 10 – April 24, 2024

Term 1 
The class will begin by developing: warm-up technique, ease on stage, reaction in the moment, observation and critique, gist (essence into gesture,) tone, rhythm, sound, movement and imagery through improvisation. 

We will learn to turn inward to discover story and trust to wait for the impulse to come. 

Once we begin mastering these skills we will move into the scripted work to be presented for critique by the Speech and Dramatic Arts adjudicator on April 19, 2024

Term 2
Involves using our developed skills in an intensive preparation of the scripted works to be presented for adjudication at the Festival.

For more information, please contact Sandi McGinnis, or you can call (604)989-1257.